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Media & Events

This page contains Media and Event information concerning the proposed resort expansion/“glamping” development on the Makai Woods Golf Course in Princeville, Kauai.

Meetings & Events
5/24/21 - Summary Notes from the 5/20/21 PHCA Board Meeting attended by Jason Cruce, VP Starwood Capital.
These glamping only summary notes are from the May 20th, 2021 PHCA BOD meeting at which PHCA President Sam George presented the May 1st, 2021 proposal from Starwood Capital that the PHCA had recently received. In addition, he pointed attendees to a sales/FAQ document also recently supplied by Starwood Capital Group. There was a lot of back-n-forth with Jason Cruce, VP Starwood Capital, (Los Angeles - 310-800-4570 - JCruce@starwood.com), who at one point simply stated, "Princeville can take it or leave it." regarding Starwood Capital's offers to PHCA in exchange for PHCA's support in their building a glamping site on the Makai Woods Golf Course and additional housing development. Mr Cruce also made it perfectly clear that Starwood Capital was an investment company, and their goal was to turn over the Princeville properties which could even happen before 2026.
4/19/21 - Summary Notes from the 4/15/21 PHCA Board Meeting
Thanks to all who submitted emails requesting that PHCA Board support the new County Council Bill 2822 that would prohibit “Developed Campgrounds” on Open and Agricultural zoned land. Bill 2822 passed “First Reading” at the Council by a 7-0 vote and has been referred to the Planning Commission. There was once again no feedback from Starwood regarding their proposed permit submission to the Planning Department.
3/26/21 - Summary Notes from the 3/18/21 PHCA Board Meeting
There has been little to report from the recent February and March PHCA Board meetings on Starwood’s resort expansion/glamping plans. We expect Starwood to announce their plans at the April PHCA Board Meeting on April 15th.
1/23/21 - Summary Notes from the 1/21/21 PHCA Board Meeting
There was no significant update on "glamping" other than it was still under evaluation by Starwood Capital Group. There was a discussion regarding forming an Open Space Taskforce, additional feedback from the recent PHCA Survey and that Will Little is no longer with East West Partners.
1/1/21 - Results from the Dec 2020 PHCA Homeowners' Survey.
View the responses to each of the survey's questions. It appears to this writer that those willing to take the time to fill out the survey (782) are very much opposed to losing existing open space in Princeville. The final tally of (782) respondents exceeded by almost double what PHCA President Sam George noted at the prior meeting as being statistically significant to be a valid response. Take a moment and review the details.


Published Articles (The Garden Island, CivilBeat.org, Etc.) (NEW 06/13)
4/24/21 - Celebrating Mother Earth
Written by a Princeville resident celebrating Earth Day, 2021.
By Princeville resident, Lorraine Mull; Archived PDF


Past emails sent to the SOS Hui News email list (NEW 06/13)

Email Templates for quickly sending emails (NEW 06/13)
(NEW 06/13) - Use this template to send an email to the PHCA BoD before their 6/16/21 Execute Meeting.
We believe the PHCA Board of Directors is planning to vote soon on whether to support Starwood Capital Group’s plans to expand the 1 Hotel resort onto the Makai Woods golf course and elsewhere. We ask all concerned Princeville citizens (PV-1 and PV- 2) to contact them asking them to save all Open Space and oppose this development plan. Use this short email template or write your own email to send to the PHCA Board of Directors before their 6/16/21 Executive Meeting.
4/10/21 - SOS Urgent! - Bill 2822 needs your immediate attention
Please fill out a short email template and send it to the PHCA Board in preparation for the Thursday 4/15/21 PHCA Board meeting outlining your support of the new County Bill 2822 that is making its way through the legal process of becoming law. If it passes, it will eliminate the possibility of "Glamping" being developed on the Makai Golf Course. It only takes 4 clicks and you send it using your own email application. Click on the above title to read details about Bill 2822.
12/16/20 - Strongly Against Resort Expansion/Glamping in Princeville
For Princeville residents. Please fill out an email template and send it to the PHCA Board in preparation for the 12/17/20 PHCA Board meeting outlining your opposition to the Makai Woods Proposed Resort Expansion/”Glamping”. It only takes 4 clicks and you send it using your own email application.
12/14/20 - Against Resort Expansion/Glamping in Princeville
View the 12/14/20 email sent to Princeville residents in preparation for the 12/17/20 PHCA Board meeting and then send a pre-formatted email to the PHCA Board voicing your opposition to the proposed resort expansion/"glamping" on the Makai Golf Course. Save our Open Space.
11/25/20 - Letter to the Kauai County Council requesting that they revive Bill 2044.
Please send a pre-formatted email the Kauai County Council requesting they revive Bill 2044 which passed 1'st Reading with a 7-0 vote on 12/19/2002, but has lain dormant since 2003. Bill 2044 would have made Princeville Phase 1 green space permanently zoned Open and unavailable for development.

Glamping images (NEW 06/10)
  • (NEW 06/09) - Does Starwood Capital not know it rains "a lot" on the North Shore?
  • This is what happens to "campers" on Kauai's north shore. Imagine "glampers" in the middle of the Makai Woods golf course waking up to one of our downpours.
  • 5/20/21 - Proposed "glamping" development, Version #3, 5/20/21
  • This version of Starwood Capital's proposed glamping development on the Makai Woods holes 1-3 is virtually the same as that proposed in December, 2020. It was made public at the 5/20/21 PHCA BOD meeting attended by Jason Cruce, VP Starwood Capital Group. Cruce noted the only design changes were the removal of their originally proposed "gathering spaces". The placement of the 50 tent sites was unchanged.
  • 5/20/21 - Proposed two story garage on existing Makai parking area.
  • Starwood Capital, at the 5/20/21 PHCA BOD meeting, made public their proposal to build a new (2) story parking structure on the lower level of the existing Makai Golf Club parking lot allowing for a total of 400 vehicle stalls.
  • 5/20/21 - Starwood Capital proposed new hotel/housing development next to the 1Hotel parking area.
  • Starwood Capital made public at the 5/20/21 PHCA BOD meeting, their proposed development of up to (24) new hotel units or (6) single-family new homes surrounding the current parking facility for the 1Hotel guests. This was in addition to the 50 glamping sites they proposed for the Makai Wood holes 1-3.
  • 5/20/21 - Latest version of proposed glamping tent.
  • This image came from the sales/FAQ materials presented by Starwood Capital at the 5/20/21 PHCA BOD meeting. It represents their latest tent rendition of what they anticipate building for glaming houseing.
  • 4/15/21 - Have you noticed what might have been painted on the 1Hotel temporary rooftop?
  • This picture was taken by an unknown member of the community while they were playing golf on the Ocean course. It appears someone has definite thoughts about "glamping" in Princeville.
  • 12/9/20 - Proposed "Glamping" Development (~20 acres). Version 2.
  • This second version of the design was distributed to some homeowners as part of the East West Partner's Christmas letter. Click the image to view a more detailed version. In this version they have completely scrapped their building of a restaurant on top of the golf cart barn apparently due to its expense. This rendition is the result of someone from their contracted design company, Hart Howerton (planners, architects, landscape architects and interior designers) actually visiting the site for the first time in Nov. 2020. View original document.
  • 12/9/20 - Proposed Commercial Expansion.
  • This is where the Makai Golf Course's current pool, workout area and golf cart barn are located off Lei O Papa Rd. Click the image to view a detail version and see if you can find where a "food truck" parking area is located. One can only presume it will be for feeding their "glamping" guests. This will undoubtedly significantly increase the traffic on Lei O Papa Rd and out to Kuhio Hwy via Hanalei Plantation Rd.
  • 8/20/20 - Glamping tent layout (12'x18').
  • This first proposed design of what a "glamping" tent layout might be was made available by East West Partners in Aug. 2020. We've not seen any updates since then.


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