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Save-Open-Space Hui

Media & Events

This page contains Media and Event information concerning the proposed resort expansion/“glamping” development on the Makai Woods Golf Course in Princeville, Kauai.

Meetings & Events
10/7/21 - Summary of 10/6/21 County Council Mtg – Bills 2822 & new Bill 2838
Here's our summary of the 10/6/21 County Council meeting at which they dropped the original Bill 2822 in favor of a more pointed, and very supportive, Bill 2838. We are on the threshold of truly being able to save Open Space from "developed camping" on all of Kaua‘i.
9/25/21 - Summary notes from the 9/16/21 PHCA Board Meeting.
This was a rather contentious meeting run by PHCA's hired parliamentarian where the Board's update on Starwood Capital and glamping was read by GM Maylette Garcess with little opportunity for the community to ask questions. There were statements by the Board noting the ongoing legal petition by individual residents to the Hawaii Court asking for declarative judgment on the sole issue of whether glamping is ancillary to golf.
9/25/21 - Extended Notes of the 9/16/21 PHCA Board Meeting - THE REST OF THE STORY
This is the Board’s statement read by the GM Maylette Garces with SOS Hui editorial notes notes where we believe clarification is necessary. Note the reference to the ongoing legal petition by individual residents to the Hawaii Court asking for declarative judgment on the sole issue of whether glamping is ancillary to golf.
9/14/21 - Bill 2822 was UNANIMOUSLY PASSED by the Planning Commission.
This was a GOOD DAY TODAY! The Kauaʻi County Planning Commission unanimously passed Bill 2822 which when signed into law by Mayor Derek Kawakami will no longer allow "developed campgrounds" on Open-zoned space. In addition, it also would only allow "developed camping" in resort zoned land and not in commercial space. This was a big step in helping save Kauaʻi's open space.
9/10/21 - 9/14/21 Planning Commission hearing on Bill 2822 (no developed camping / "glamping" on zoned Open Space)
This will be one of the most important Planning Commission meetings you can watch and to which you can submit testimony. Bill 2822 has been making its way through the Planning Department and if passed, would stop Commercial Developed Campgrounds from being constructed on zoned Open land. This could stop Starwood Capital's efforts to develop "glamping" in Princeville.
8/22/21 - Summary notes from the 8/19/21 PHCA Board Meeting
General Manager Maylette Garces read a statement (read the full text by clicking on above title) from the BoD. Mr. Glanstein, the hired parliamentarian, announced that no answers would be given (on this or other topics). We have several questions that need answering and comments on the legal proceedings mentioned in the BoD's statement.
7/18/21 - Summary Notes from the 7/15/21 PHCA Board Meeting
PHCA President Sam George reported the Board and its attorneys continue to meet and discuss a community benefits package with Starwood Captial Group (SCG). A number of community members asked questions of the board which are noted here. SCG VP. Jason Cruce reiterated that profit motive was the primary reason for SCG's desire to develop glamping on the Makai Woods golf course, currently zoned Open Land and which the SOSHui is fighting so hard to keep Open.
7/14/21 - Summary of the 7/13/21 Planning Commission public hearing on Bill 2822
The outcome of the Tues. July 13th public hearing at the Planning Commission did not go as well as we had hoped. Despite numerous people speaking in favor of Bill 2822, AND 141 emails submitted to the Planning Commission in support of the bill, the result of the meeting was a deferral to the Commission’s September 14, 2021 meeting. Click on the title to read more about the meeting and view a shortened video of it and the testimonials.
6/19/21 - Summary Notes from the 6/17/21 PHCA Board Meeting
Maylette Garces gave the update to as many as 108 Zoomed in community members on the situation with Starwood Capital Group’s efforts to develop 3 projects – 2 parking lots, 6 private homes and, of course, the commercial Developed Campground/resort expansion on the Woods 1-3. The Board voted to REJECT the May 1st proposal from Starwood Capital. Daniel Ersoy made an impassioned testimonial to the Board supporting Open Space.
6/16/21 - Summary notes from Starwood Capital Group's VP Jason Cruce's presentation at the Makai Golf Club
This is a summary of the highlights from the presentation given by Jason Cruce outlining the latest proposed expanded development plans which now include building houses on the bluff beside the 1 Hotel complex. This is in addition to the proposed "glamping" development on Princeville's dedicated Open Spaces. Open the details to find a link to the full 2hr meeting video made available by SCG.


Published Articles (The Garden Island, CivilBeat.org, Etc.) (NEW 10/15)
4/24/21 - Celebrating Mother Earth
Written by a Princeville resident celebrating Earth Day, 2021.
By Princeville resident, Lorraine Mull; Archived PDF


Past emails sent to the SOS Hui News email list (NEW 10/19)

6/9/21 - Starwood Capital's Thur 6/10 Presentation & May 1st Proposal response
Aloha, Princeville Community –

On May 1, 2021, Starwood Capital Group (SCG) responded to a December 17, 2020 proposal sent by Sam George on behalf of the PCHA Board of Directors. SCG is asking PHCA to support the following 3 projects:

  1. glamping/resort expansion on the Makai Woods Holes 1-3,
  2. a 2-story, 400-space parking garage on the lowest level of the Makai Club parking, total parking spots approximately 537, and
  3. another 2-story, 200-space parking garage and either 6 private homes or up to 24 apt/hotel units on current hotel parking lot on the bluff just west of Pu’u Poa. SCG has submitted a Draft plan to the Kauai Planning Department – it has not been accepted by Planning, but it is interesting to note that neither of the last 2 items above is mentioned in the Draft. WHY NOT?

But SCG wants PHCA’s support for all three projects. And it wants to get a final Plan filed with the Planning Department before passage of Bill 2822, which would prevent the glamping development on the Woods.

In exchange for PHCA’s support, SCG has proposed 10 offers for homeowners, delineated below. We believe none of these has any real value to the Princeville Community, especially when compared with the loss of the irrecoverable green/open space.

Come to SCG’s presentation Thursday, 3-5pm at the Makai Club, and voice your objections to their plans for glamping/resort expansion on the Makai Woods.

1. a. Provide a deed restriction on the Woods 4-9 IN PERPETUITY 
   b.  SCG implied any money-making effort is “in support of golf” if it pays for the other 18 holes.
“In Perpetuity” is not a legal construct in HI law for this type of property.
b.  SO, would a brothel also be a viable business “in support of golf”?
2. Provide a deed restriction on Woods 1-3 IN PERPETUITY.
Again, “In Perpetuity” is not a legal construct in HI law for this type of property.
3.  One-time contribution of $150,000 to extend Shared Use Path. This is a trivial amount and would hardly cover a fraction of the costs to do this.  
4. a. Quiet hours from 10pm to 6am.

   b.  No televisions or speakers in units.
a. PV currently has weekday work restricted to 7am – 7pm.  
b.  Most devices can stream TV’s and music – how will those be controlled? 
5. Fire-related features will be natural gas or LPG.  Did anyone tell SCG … there IS no natural gas on the island? 
Options are 50 individual LPG tanks or new piping from 1 giant tank.  And fire dangers expand if firepits are used for cooking.   
6.  Food, beverages, retail, spa amenities, food trucks & luau space  – on Lots 5 & 6 or at 1 Hotel location. Food trucks and luau space?  More noise and smells will blanket our neighborhood.  
7.  To be or not to be – a member of PHCA – or to only partake of the benefits without complying with any of the rules. Can SCG pay dues, gain full benefits and increased voting rights without complying with the CC&Rs? PHCA’s CC&Rs say no camping.  
8. Some number of “fitness memberships” for sale via lottery at Makai Course or 1 Hotel Hanalei.

How much? For what? The current 300 sq ft fitness area with 5 machines at the Makai Club?  Can’t Westin guests use the lap pool?  Are memberships useable at 1 Hotel?
9. 24 parking spaces (of 200) allocated to the local community in the new parking garage on the bluff.

No DRAFT Plan mention of parking garage or up to 6 homes or 24 apt/hotel units submitted to the Planning Dept (not accepted – just step 1 – SCG must come back with a final application).
10.a.  SCG agrees to negotiate in good faith*on a potential sale of a portion of Lot 7.
     b.  SCG also agrees to negotiate in goodfaith* for an easement or sale over TMK 5-4-005-022 to provide pedestrian access from Wyllie Road to Anini Beach.
*”Negotiate in good faith” is not a known term to any developer.
Something’s wrong.  Is it Holes 1-3 or 4-9?  PHCA – please consider purchasing and saving THE WOODS COURSE!!
b.  Don’t we already have this access?  Where did this PHCA “wish” come from?

11. SCG is also asking PHCA to “approve” a 400-space parking garage on lowest level of current Makai Club parking lot.  Total 537? No DRAFT Plan mention of this Parking Garage either – only that they will re-stripe existing parking lot. Total 326.

This proposal has NO benefit to citizens of this lovely community.
These are empty offers.

For more information regarding Starwood Capital, Open Space in Princeville, Glamping and the history of this resort expansion effort, please visit our informational website, SOSHui.org. You can also view our prior emails.

Mahalo for your continuing support.


Email Templates for quickly sending emails
9/5/21 - Email Template for the 9/14/21 Planning Commission expressing your support for Bill 2822.
The Kauai Planning Commission will hear public testimony on the merits of proposed Bill 2822 on Tuesday 9/14/21. The SOS Hui fully supports the Bill as it better defines "Developed Campgrounds" and specifically states that they are NOT ALLOWED in Open or Residential zoned areas. If Bill 2822 passes into law, it will make "glamping" illegal on Open zoned lands, which includes the Makai Golf Course. We have created an email template you can use to email your comments to the Planning Commission and the County Council.
7/1/21 - Email Template to the County Planning Commission expressing your support for Bill 2822.
The Kauai Planning Commission will hear public testimony on the merits of proposed Bill 2822 on 7/13/21. The SOS Hui fully supports the Bill as it better defines "Developed Campgrounds" and specifically states that they are NOT ALLOWED in Open or Residential zoned areas. If Bill 2822 passes into law, it will make "glamping" illegal on Open zoned lands, which includes the Makai Golf Course. We have created an email template you can use to email your comments to the Planning Commission.
7/1/21 - Email Template to the PHCA Board of Directors requesting they support County Bill 2822.
Please fill out the short email template and send it (or create your own) requesting the PHCA BoD support County Bill 2822 at the 7/13/21 County Planning Commission public hearing where it will be discussed and open to public testimony.
6/13/21 - Email Template to the PHCA BoD before their 6/16/21 Execute Meeting.
We believe the PHCA Board of Directors is planning to vote soon on whether to support Starwood Capital Group’s plans to expand the 1 Hotel resort onto the Makai Woods golf course and elsewhere. We ask all concerned Princeville citizens (PV-1 and PV- 2) to contact them asking them to save all Open Space and oppose this development plan. Use this short email template or write your own email to send to the PHCA Board of Directors before their 6/16/21 Executive Meeting.
4/10/21 - SOS Urgent! - Bill 2822 needs your immediate attention
Please fill out a short email template and send it to the PHCA Board in preparation for the Thursday 4/15/21 PHCA Board meeting outlining your support of the new County Bill 2822 that is making its way through the legal process of becoming law. If it passes, it will eliminate the possibility of "Glamping" being developed on the Makai Golf Course. It only takes 4 clicks and you send it using your own email application. Click on the above title to read details about Bill 2822.


1/1/21 - Results from the Dec 2020 PHCA Homeowners' Survey.
View the responses to each of the survey's questions. It appears to this writer that those willing to take the time to fill out the survey (782) are very much opposed to losing existing open space in Princeville. The final tally of (782) respondents exceeded by almost double what PHCA President Sam George noted at the prior meeting as being statistically significant to be a valid response. Take a moment and review the details.

Glamping images
  • 6/9/21 - Does Starwood Capital not know it rains "a lot" on the North Shore?
  • This is what happens to "campers" on Kauai's north shore. Imagine "glampers" in the middle of the Makai Woods golf course waking up to one of our downpours.
  • 5/20/21 - Proposed "glamping" development, Version #3, 5/20/21
  • This version of Starwood Capital's proposed glamping development on the Makai Woods holes 1-3 is virtually the same as that proposed in December, 2020. It was made public at the 5/20/21 PHCA BOD meeting attended by Jason Cruce, VP Starwood Capital Group. Cruce noted the only design changes were the removal of their originally proposed "gathering spaces". The placement of the 50 tent sites was unchanged.
  • 5/20/21 - Proposed two story garage on existing Makai parking area.
  • Starwood Capital, at the 5/20/21 PHCA BOD meeting, made public their proposal to build a new (2) story parking structure on the lower level of the existing Makai Golf Club parking lot allowing for a total of 400 vehicle stalls.
  • 5/20/21 - Starwood Capital proposed new hotel/housing development next to the 1Hotel parking area.
  • Starwood Capital made public at the 5/20/21 PHCA BOD meeting, their proposed development of up to (24) new hotel units or (6) single-family new homes surrounding the current parking facility for the 1Hotel guests. This was in addition to the 50 glamping sites they proposed for the Makai Wood holes 1-3.
  • 5/20/21 - Latest version of proposed glamping tent.
  • This image came from the sales/FAQ materials presented by Starwood Capital at the 5/20/21 PHCA BOD meeting. It represents their latest tent rendition of what they anticipate building for glaming houseing.
  • 4/15/21 - Have you noticed what might have been painted on the 1Hotel temporary rooftop?
  • This picture was taken by an unknown member of the community while they were playing golf on the Ocean course. It appears someone has definite thoughts about "glamping" in Princeville.
  • 12/9/20 - Proposed "Glamping" Development (~20 acres). Version 2.
  • This second version of the design was distributed to some homeowners as part of the East West Partner's Christmas letter. Click the image to view a more detailed version. In this version they have completely scrapped their building of a restaurant on top of the golf cart barn apparently due to its expense. This rendition is the result of someone from their contracted design company, Hart Howerton (planners, architects, landscape architects and interior designers) actually visiting the site for the first time in Nov. 2020. View original document.
  • 12/9/20 - Proposed Commercial Expansion.
  • This is where the Makai Golf Course's current pool, workout area and golf cart barn are located off Lei O Papa Rd. Click the image to view a detail version and see if you can find where a "food truck" parking area is located. One can only presume it will be for feeding their "glamping" guests. This will undoubtedly significantly increase the traffic on Lei O Papa Rd and out to Kuhio Hwy via Hanalei Plantation Rd.
  • 8/20/20 - Glamping tent layout (12'x18').
  • This first proposed design of what a "glamping" tent layout might be was made available by East West Partners in Aug. 2020. We've not seen any updates since then.


    Sealodge on the Sea Cliffs ~ © Bob Wright