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(S-O-S Hui)


This page contains Documents pertaining to the proposed resort expansion/“glamping” development on the Makai Woods Golf Course, links 1-3 located in Princeville, Kauai HI.

Princeville Association Documents
  • 1972 Dedication of Golf Course Property (May 1972, as amended 1980 & 1986)
  • This 1972 original document contains the "ancillary recreational uses" clause used by East West Partners to justify "glamping" within Princeville.
  • 1971 PHCA Protective Covenants Charter of Incorporation (effective 3/1/1971)
  • 1971 Princeville at Hanalei Community Association - Protective Covenants - Charter of Incorporation - By-Laws

    Kauai Planning & Zoning Documents
  • Bill 2822 - Amends the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) to limit "Developed Campgrounds"
  • At the County Council meeting held on Wednesday, April 7th, 2021 Councilmembers Luke Evslin and Vice Chair Mason Chock introduced Bill 2822. This bill seeks to amend the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) to prohibit commercial “Developed Campgrounds” on land zoned Open or Agricultural. Commercial Developed Campgrounds would also be prohibited under Bill 2822 in residential neighborhoods.

    Bill 2822 unanimously passed first reading at the County Council meeting and has been referred to the Planning Commission. (County Planning Director Ka‘aina Hull was in attendance at the Council meeting and answered specific questions from the council members regarding the bill prior to the vote). It will be reviewed by the Planning Commission and there will be a public hearing. The bill will require a second reading at the County Council and then there will be a final vote. If passed, it will go to the Mayor for his signature. If Bill 2822 becomes law it will prohibit “Glamping” on the Makai Golf Course and all golf courses in Princeville.

    View the Council Meeting on video. You can jump to the point where they talk about Bill 2822 starting at 1:51:00.

  • Bill 2044 - Ordinance to Amend Open District Designations in Princeville

  • Bill 2044 was discovered in the summer of 2020 and referred from the Planning Department back to the Council to determine its fate by declaring it dormant. Had Bill 2044 not laid dormant since 2003 but passed and become law, it would have made the green space in Princeville Phase 1 permanent and unavailable for development, thus not available for Glamping. After a ground swell of testimonial emails sent to the County Council, the Council voted to unanimously on 11/25/20 to defer the Bill rather than dispose of it. Council members Felicia Cowden and Kipukai Kuali‘i will be working together to rewrite the Bill and subsequently resubmit it to the Council at a future date.

    Take a minute and read a summary of the Council Meeting, presented testimonials and a video of the 11/25/20 meeting by clicking on Bill 2044 Council Meeting.

    Bill 2044 Council Meeting
  • Kauai's Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) (eff 2012 as amended)

  • This document contains Kauai's detailed zoning rules which cover such topics as definitions of "camping", proximity limitations to residential housing, detailed requirements for permits for Open districts (Makai Golf Course) vs Residential (Princeville) etc. It's a lot of detail, but holds the keys to many of the unanswered questions concerning Glamping in Princeville.
    For example, page: 95: Sec. 8-9.4 Permits Required.
    (a) Where a parcel is adjacent to, or within one thousand (1,000) yards of, a Use District or Districts other than an Open District, no use permit shall be issued for uses and structures on parcels which are not generally permitted, or permitted under a use permit, in all adjacent or proximate Districts.
  • CZO Update (Phase II Description) Web Site.
  • Chapter-10, Article-2: North Shore Development Plan
  • (sub-section of Kauai County Codes document which implements the Kauai General Plan)
    Kauai County Codes
    Article 2. North Shore Development Plan
    Sec. 10-2.4 Use Districts.
    (e) Special Regulations Applicable to All Districts.
    (7) Recreational Uses.
    (A) A use permit shall be required for the development of any campsite, ...
    (B) No commercial recreational use or facility shall be allowed within a residential district which increases the ambient noise level of the neighboring residential areas.


    Affected Property Tax Information
    Proposed Makai "Glamping" site (51.955 acres) - tax info for parcel (5-4-006-003-0000)
    Tax info for Makai Golf Course Woods links 1-3, Ocean 1 & 9, and driving range for a total of 51.955 acres
    Sale Price information on the Makai Golf Course tax parcels
    On reviewing the County of Kauai tax site, it appears that Starwood Capital purchased the entire Makai Golf Course, 27 holes plus clubhouse and maintenance areas, totaling 288.954 acres, on 11/16/18 for the price of $3,713,341.
    Parcel IDAddressOwner NameGrantorSale DateSale PriceAcresNeighbor/ hoodZoning
    540060030000KA HAKU RDSOF-XI KAUAI PV GOLF L PPRINCEVILLE MAKAI GOLF COURSE LLC11/16/2018$3,713,431.0051.9555463-7GOP
    5400600500004080 LEI O PAPA RDSOF-XI KAUAI PV GOLF L PPRINCEVILLE MAKAI GOLF COURSE LLC11/16/2018$3,713,431.007.0415463-7GSP
    540120010000KA HAKU RDSOF-XI KAUAI PV GOLF L PPRINCEVILLE MAKAI GOLF COURSE LLC11/16/2018$3,713,431.0041.6485463-7GOP
    540120060000KA HAKU RDSOF-XI KAUAI PV GOLF L PPRINCEVILLE MAKAI GOLF COURSE LLC11/16/2018$3,713,431.0025.6265463-7GOP
    540050490000KA HAKU RDSOF-XI KAUAI PV GOLF L PPRINCEVILLE MAKAI GOLF COURSE LLC11/16/2018$3,713,431.00102.6355463-7GOP
    540060060000SOF-XI KAUAI PV GOLF L PPRINCEVILLE MAKAI GOLF COURSE LLC11/16/2018$3,713,431.004.5695463-7GOP
    540050540000SOF-XI KAUAI PV GOLF L PPRINCEVILLE MAKAI GOLF COURSE LLC11/16/2018$3,713,431.0012.2425463-7GOP
    540050220000KA HAKU RDSOF-XI KAUAI PV GOLF L PPRINCEVILLE MAKAI GOLF COURSE LLC11/16/2018$3,713,431.0055.4755463-7GOP

    Makai Golf Course Tax Parcels on the County of Kauai Tax Website.

    View the detail tax records for each of the parcels that came with the purchase of the Makai Golf Course, all 27 holes plus commercial zoned parcels.
    Use the following information when performing a search on property sales:
    - Neighorhood: 5463-7G
    - Sales Date: 11/16/2018

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