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(S-O-S Hui)

Thank you for visiting the Save-Our-Space Hui Site.

The purpose of this site is to disseminate information about Starwood Capital Group's proposed resort expansion, commonly known as Glamorous Camping "glamping", on the Makai Woods Golf Course links 1 thru 3, located within the beautiful community of Princeville, Kauai HI.

Members of the S-O-S Hui are AGAINST this proposed “glamping” development.

The latest news & website updates
  • 4/24/21 - Read an email sent to all members of our mailing list that reminds us how lucky we are to be living on Kauai during Earth Week.
  • 4/19/21 - Read the summary from the 4/15/21 PHCA Board Meeting. This meeting covered the lack of communication from Starwood regarding its proposed glamping development but also was where PHCA President, Mr. George, said the Board supported the proposed Bill 2822 which if/when passed into law would effectively prevent glamping on the Makai Golf Course.
  • 4/11/21 - IMPORTANT: Learn about the new County Bill 2822 that would invalidate "Glamping" in Princeville and how to send an urgent email to the PHCA Board requesting they support Bill 2822 prior to their April 15, 2021 Board Meeting.
  • 4/10/21 - Princeville-1 members, don't forget to attend the April 15, 2021 PHCA Board Meeting @ 4pm HST to hear an update from East West Partners and Starwood Capital on their "Glamping" plans. Remember to register well in advance on the PHCA website for the Zoom meeting or from the Agenda page.
  • 4/8/21 - Read a wonderful short article titled "FIVE THINGS WE LOVE ABOUT PRINCEVILLE" written by a fellow Princeville resident. Can you guess what those (5) things are?

  • More...

    Please contact us if you would like to submit comments or testimonials opposing resort expansion/“glamping” in Princeville and its environs, be added to our email list (over 300 now) or have other questions concerning our mission.

    Who is Starwood Capital Group, East West Partners & others?
  • PHCA
  • Princeville at Hanalei Community Association. The Princeville homeowners association responsible for the overall operation of the Princeville Phase I community.
  • SDCA
  • Sunset Drive Community Association. An association of 26 homeowners directly adjacent to the proposed Glamping development located within Princeville.
  • Glamping - "Glamorous Camping".
  • The hospitality industry's developing of destination locations for higher profit margins and lower investment costs. Their sales pitch is that you can stay in the outdoors (camping), while having your sheets turned down each night (glamorous). Example Glamping destinations shows you what one would normally expect for Glamping in the outdoors, not in the middle of a Princeville residential neighborhood.
  • Starwood Capital Group
  • Investment company based in FL, co-founder Barry Sternlicht, owners of 1Hotels franchise and proposed Glamping site.
  • 1Hotels Hanalei Bay
  • Renamed and upgraded old St. Regis hotel located overlooking Hanalei Bay. Purchased by Starwood Capital in 2018. 1Hotel branding.
  • Evergreen Corporation
  • The Starwood Capital subsidiary that we understand will own the proposed Glamping site.
  • SH Hotels & Resorts
  • Starwood Capital's hotel management company which will manage the 1Hotel and Glamping facilities.
    2/4/21 - Arash Azarbarzin Named Chief Executive Officer At SH Hotels & Resorts.
  • East West Partners
  • Project development corporation located in Colorado responsible for building out the 1Hotel and the proposed Glamping development.
    Mark Hall - Construction Manager (Kauai) - MHall@ewpartners.com
    Will Little - Managing Director (CO/Kauai)
    Eff. Jan'21, no longer on project

    Click below to view a short video (with audio)

    Makai 27 Hole Golf Course.

    View full-size image.

    Proposed site for the “glamping” development (Makai Woods holes 1-3).

    "Design representations are conceptual and for the purposes of planning approvals only and subject to alteration prior to submission. This document was prepared by Starwood Capital Group/East West Partners. Information contained herein does not represent the opinion of the PHCA and is intended for informational purposes only." - East West Partners (12/9/20)
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